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The painter was born in Taipei ,Taiwan and now lives in Tokyo,Japan. Her father is a teacher and a specialist in Chinese literature and education and influenced her through a familiarization with calligraphy and a love of traditional styles of painting. She studied to acquire the basic principles of Chinese painting, Japanese painting, and Western oil painting. She now specializes in portraits and in birds and flower paintings. Her style employs earth and mineral pigments, plant-derived pigments, animal-derived glues, and natural monochrome inks on Japanese silk canvases. Uniting the East and the West, she strives to draw graceful portrayals of beautiful women from a new classic perspective.

Lin Wei’s art works are influenced by Japanese culture and the natural environment while she carries on the traditional Chinese drawing styles of royal palace artists. After moving to Japan, she was impressed by the beauty of kimonos (Japanese traditional dress) and by the attention paid to the natural four seasons. She was influenced particularly by the original art works of beautiful women by three major Japanese beauty painters (Shoen Uemura, Kiyokata Kaburaki, Shinsui Ito) and impressed by their graceful kimono models. She has turned these into her own style. Her art works are full of rich mystery, and the gleam of natural gold on canvas is eternal enough to attract attention from around the world.

Lin Wei, as a 21st century artist, moved to Japan in 2010 to practice her art while she became a PhD candidate in 2014 to acquire Doctor of Philosophy in 2017 . Her goals are to record what she witnesses in modern life and to use culture to build bridges of understanding around the world.

Area of research: cross-cultural communication , museum studies,art creation using eastern painting materials.


LinWei Art::Dr.Linwei, Linwei work, Linwei Tokyo, Linwei Japanese painting, Linwei Taiwanese

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LinWei Art::Dr.Linwei, Linwei work, Linwei Tokyo, Linwei Japanese painting, Linwei Taiwanese

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